Love Zwift but


Here’s my problem: I really enjoy using this game to keep me amused with riding in a dungeon but it’s fast losing its sheen…

I just rode the final stage of the TDZ stage 8. As I logged in I noticed a message saying that I have “25k to go” or something similar? I then start the final event and it says you have 25k to go again? I had no idea what it was talking about.

Anyway turns out my subscription was up and it just stopped at 25k into the ride asking me to “Join Now”…whaaat Now??? So there was NO real easy way to get that done so it was just stop and try to work out what to do and see if I could complete the ride.

  • My 12 month subscription is on auto renew and my credit is good but somehow I have missed the “Your subscription is nearly up” warnings across the last month?

YES - I know it’s my fault and they had no idea I was in “Their most popular” event but how can Zwift continually keep getting these basic things so incredibly wrong month after month, year after year?

NOTE: I’m a paid member at level 50 cycling and level 20 running but I’m slowly looking around at other options to keep me locked up in the darkness of the dungeon.

I had the same problem several times. Are you by any chance paying per iTunes store? That seems to be buggy in terms that Zwift doesn´t register the payment in time. Last month I checked my iTunes store - it had been charged by Zwift for the upcoming month. Three hours later I ran into the problem you described. Others mention that this problem only occurs when you pay via iTunes, PayPal would be the safe way to go.

This month I´ll try to cancel my subscription in time and renew it actively. Curious if that works better.

Bang on… I pay by iTunes…

I looked and the payment was drawn on the 18th January but somehow when the subscription time ended the payent obviously hadn’t been pushed through to Zwift from Apple?

Exactly. I got the option to renew the purchase, but if I remember right I had to exit the ride first which was a bummer of course. It worked instantly and I wasn´t charged twice, but my race was ruined. Won´t sign up for an event again on the day of subscription renewal.

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From my experience, PayPal has been problem free.
I signed up with PayPal 4 years ago and haven’t thought about it since.

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I also use PayPal and zero issues x 4 years.

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It just happened to me for the third time. Without warning my avatar suddenly stopped and a message appeared that my trial period has expired although my iTunes account had been charged hours ago.

I had two options: “Join now“ or “Renew purchase“. I thought to myself that “renew purchase“ would be the correct option. I took my AppleTV remote and tried to choose that button - it was absolutely impossible. I know the AppleTV remote is crap but I’ve learned to live with it, but in this case it was simply impossible to choose my desired option. And to make it worse the option “join now“ didn’t work either after I had left it in the first place. So the only thing I could do was quit the ride. Thank god I was only half way up the Alpe … :frowning:

I logged in again right away and the option “renew purchase“ worked immediately. But I was absolutely frustrated. Please Zwift check this!!!