Apple/iTunes subscription "expiring" during middle of ride

I restarted my Zwift subscription back in November, while I was primarily using Apple devices. I recently switched to a PC as primary Zwift machine. During a group ride today, I started getting “Your trial period will expire in 10 Km” message and when it finally counted down, I was taken to the billing page, and being forced/asked to switch to a different credit card (I guess Zwift wants me off iTunes so they can save on the App Store margins). As I was in the middle of the ride, I just clicked OK on everything so I can get back to it. So while the app still allowed me to finish the ride, I stopped collecting drops, and possibly experience. I estimate I lost out on 10,000 drops as a result, not to mention the disruption and causing anxiety during the middle of a workout.

I got a receipt from my Apple Card showing I was charged for the next month of Zwift. However, my Zwift profile shows billing will be switched a different card (Visa), via iTunes. Possible Apple Card bug?

Hi @Iain_Bike_Naked welcome to Zwift forums.
Are you stilll seeing a “Trial expires in X days” message or something along those lines? If so, there’s a “Restore Purchase” link that you need to click to reactivate the membership you purchased in iTunes. See this article for details.

This other Support Hub article covers the steps to change from iTunes payment to Zwift direct payment. Generally - using the Zwift-direct method is simpler than using iTunes.

I’m apparently still subscribed via iTunes and I don’t see the “trial expires” message any longer. Collecting drops again, thankfully. Under the membership section, I have a message “Your payment will switch to Visa [next month]”. I don’t see any option other than “cancel membership.”

I’d rather keep my subscription under iTunes because I’m paying by Apple Card and getting 3%, as well as keeping my digital memberships organized in a way I want. Is Zwift trying to force their users off iTunes?

Not at all. You’re free to choose the payment option that works best for you. That discount for Apple Card holders is certainly a nice perq.

There are fewer steps needed when managing your account (such as the Restore Purchase thing) when the payment goes through Zwift directly.

OK good to know. That still doesn’t exactly explain why I got the “Your trial will expire” message during the middle of a session, and drops stopped collecting. I also don’t think it’s an appropriate hammer to lay on users while they’re mentally and physically duressed :slight_smile: