Weird glitch put me in Trial mode?

I had a weird thing happen on Zwift today as well. I was in the middle of my workout, 25kms hit, a “Join Zwift Unlimited” screen pops up, I hit “not now” not understanding it, and then at the bottom of my screen it said “Trial Expired” but didn’t kick me out of the game. I rode another 25kms in the workout but didn’t earn any more drops. Finished, saved, tried to launch another ride and no issues at all. Wtf? My subscription automatically renewed today and I checked that it went through. Annoying to lose 45 minutes of drops.

Hi Federico.

The same happened to me this evening. My subscription is through iTunes & the latest payment was taken today.

Did you ever find out why this happened & did you have to do anything to resolve it?

I had the same thing happen to me (running on ATV and subscription through iTunes) at the end of December, on the day my subscription renewed. I completed my ride, saved it (but didn’t notice if I got anymore XP or Drops during the ride), then exited Zwift, force quit the app, opened it up again and clicked the ‘restore purchase’ option. No issues since. I’m interested to see if this happens again at the end of January when my subscription renews again.