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Hey guys, I’ve just used my trial and now have become a full member, it says that my first payment will be taken on the 11th does that mean I can’t ride till then as it says I’ve got less then a KM left.

Hi @Ashley_Buck welcome to Zwift forums and thanks for subscribing!

We have an FAQ that discusses how the free trial period works. You can absolutely ride now that you’ve joined as a full member, but your billing cycle won’t start until the 11th.

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Hi, I am in a similar situation. I had 5km left on my 25km limit for this month but joined as a full member last night. It doesn’t look as though my account has registered that I am now a full paying member as it is still showing only 5km remaining. I don’t want to start a workout for it to stop midway through when this 5km runs out, can you confirm what I should do please? Thanks.

Generally when your kms are up it let’s you finish your ride anyway (eg could bust out a century if you want) at least that’s how it has worked for me in the past.

I have seen people reporting weird stuff with new accounts if they pay through iTunes. Did you do that?

Thanks Ben, no it was through the zwift website

Hi @Lucy_Haswell welcome to the Zwift community! You’ll find there’s lots of great people willing to help you along.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. On my end, it looks like your subscription has activated, so you should be good.

Even if you hadn’t subscribed, you should be allowed to log in with your remaining free trial kilometers, and complete that session when you choose to save and exit. In other words, it shouldn’t kick you out of the game when the remaining distance counts down from 5 km to zero.