Free trial keeps popping up

Once a month or so I’ll log in to ride and it says 25k remaining on free trial? I’ve been a paying customer for 2 years now and have no clue why this randomly pops up b/c it limits my ride for that session to 25k.

Is your subscription paid through Apple account by chance? If so this is sometimes a common occurrence when the payment info from Apple is delayed getting to Zwift. To correct it click “restore purchases” on the bottom left of Zwift.

Do you mean to click “restore purchases” on the main screen of Zwift b.c I’m not seeing anything? And yes, you are correct with the Apple thing and makes a lot more sense why it occurs once a month! Thank you for your help

Edit: I got done riding and on the close screen it automatically updated the rest of my ride, I just didn’t receive drop points for after 15km if anyone else runs into this issue today since it’s probably Zwift processing day

If you click the link to the forum thread I posted it shows a picture of the screen and where it should be located.