iTunes Payments - Double Billing, Cancelling, Subscription not Showing as Active

If you’ve recently joined Zwift through Apple iTunes, updated your iTunes payment method, or you’re signing into Zwift with a new Apple device, you may need to tap the ‘Restore Purchase’ button. If this applies, you’ll see ‘Restore Purchase’ in the lower left hand corner of the screen with ‘World Choice’ at the top and ‘Ride’ at the bottom on your iOS device. (This is immediately after the ‘Paired Devices’ screen in Zwift). See the photo below:


When you tap this button you’ll be asked to input your Apple ID and Apple password. Note that these may be different than your Zwift username and password, and this lets our system know that you have a paid account that’s billed through Apple iTunes.

If you run into a validation error, it generally means an incorrect Apple ID or iTunes password was entered, so please double check that you’re entering the correct credentials.

In Zwift:

  1. Open the Zwift game on your Apple device.

  2. Tap your user account to log in.

  3. Pair your equipment on the Zwift ‘Paired Devices’ screen.

  4. Tap the ‘Restore Purchase’ link (below the orange ‘Join Now’ button in the lower left corner) on the ‘World Choice/ Ride’ screen.

  5. ​​You’ll be prompted to log into your Apple account with your Apple ID and Apple iTunes password.

​​If this does not work or you get another error, you’ll need to:

This Restore Purchases button also can be the solution to some mysterious double-billing our members might see from time to time. If your iTunes account is how you’re paying for a Zwift subscription, there are times when the two accounts are not linked and if you start a new Zwift subscription, you’ll keep getting billed on both the iTunes account and directly from Zwift.

If you’ve recently subscribed but your account isn’t showing as benefiting from a membership, Restore Purchases can help as well.

It’s also important to note that whether you’re paying via iTunes or paying directly to Zwift, you’ll need to completely restart the game once that subscription is created if you were in the game at the time. Currently, your account won’t immediately update to reflect the new membership if you’ve created it while you’re still in the game. A simple restart should fix that.

Et pour nos membres français, voilà la version française qui contient un peu plus d’info spécifique aux bancs français !

Thanks for the explanation, do you know what should we do to correct the payment that already billed from both itunes and zwift?

Hey Willy, thanks! Yes, contact us at We can give you a hand making sure everything is separated, accounted for, and then where we see overlap we can issue you refunds. If there are months you paid for on your Apple subscription that you did not also pay Zwift directly, those will have to take up with Apple, as we don’t have the ability to issue refunds or make changes to payments made through iTunes/Apple.

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I’m having kind of the same truble. I’ve an account since 2 years, and few days ago I’ve decided to suscribe again.
Si I paid my suscribtion, I’ve been debitad on my bank account but when I’m on my zwift account I still appear as a free trial account. I don’t understand what’s going, this is the first time I have this truble and I don’t pay with apple.
I’ve tried everything, including trying to pay again with Paypal or another card, nothing worked out.

Please help me, Zwift isn’t answering my mails since 5 days now… !