Problem with apple subscription


I’m experiencing some trouble regarding my zwift subscription. Yesterday I purchased a subscription via ios, but the zwift app somehow doesn’t recognize my subscription. I received an e-mail from apple containing the receipt of my payment and stating that the subscription is active (also active on “manage subscriptions” menu in my phone).

When I select the Join button, or restore purchase, a message appears saying “purchase cancelled” or “purchase failed, you were not charged”. But my credit card was already charged.

I opened a ticket, and they told me I had to contact apple support to get a solution because they don’t have access to apple system. So I did contact apple support, but the problem is since I subscribed to a third party app, I should contact the developers to see what’s wrong. So back to zwift again.

Trying contact with someone from support, but no response. I could really use some help here, since I can’t use the app and there is some annoying back and forth of responsability going on. I have screenshots, receipt, really willing to help here.


I don’t know if you are still having this issue but it may benefit people that encounter it going forward.
I got around this problem by doing this:

  • Make sure you are logged into the Apple device as the account you want to use to purchase Zwift subscription. This may mean totally logging off any accounts currently logged on to the device.
  • Uninstall the Zwift application from the device then go back into the Apple Store and download the application again. The purchase failed error when restoring the purchase is because the Zwift application was downloaded using a different account than the one purchasing the subscription (Apple - go figure!).
  • This should then allow you to restore the purchase.
  • If you still have issues then go into your Apple Store and into your account, then subscriptions and cancel the Zwift subscription. Then back into Zwift application and purchase the product. If by any chance it charges you a second time then Apple should be able to refund you but as far as I can see it has only charged me once for the subscription.
    I hope this helps.

Hey Alex,

I did all those steps, but in the end the problem was my phone. I was using an old 5s, when I switched to my wife’s iphone 8, it worked on first attempt. But had to login on my app store account instead of hers though. It’s all fine now.

But thanks for the help, this guide can help others indeed.