Renewal of Subscription

Im trying to re-subscribe today (as I dont Zwift during outdoor season) - but my sub is locked to my Apple user (Payment method: Apple). However, when i open my subscription tab in my iPhone settings - no Zwift is to be found - not in “active” or in “inactive”.

Any of you have any idea how to fix this? I very much want to attend my clubs meetup tonight!
(We’re using family sharing, and my wife is the administrator of this - but the sub is not showing up on her device either).

I find it odd that I’m not free to change payment method when my sub hasnt been active since April this year.

Do it directly through zwift, take apple out of the equation

Thats what I’m trying to do - but my Zwift profile tells me i need to quit my Apple-sub first - which hasnt been active since April - and on top of that, i cannot find the apple sub on my apple account. Not via web-login or via iPhone settings.
So I’m kind of stuck! :frowning:

Sorry I can’t help any further as I’m an Android man, don’t Apple pay have some sort of online support