iTunes account belongs to another Zwift player


I was trying to buy a subscription on my iPad. Apple gladly accepts my money, but afterwards Zwift pops up this error.

I only have one account so how am I supposed to fix this issue ?
I already tried canceling the subscription, reinstalling Zwift,…

I guess Zwift really doen not like my money ?

Same happened to me two days ago. I can’t even pay again inside the app, getting the same message. I emailed support but haven’t heard back. Only have one account so don’t understand the issue. Zwift, please help.

I finally payed for my membership using their website instead of Apple Pay.
I guess it is their little trick to force people to bypass the apple ecosystem ?

To be honest, I have had similar issues with other applications as well. I think it could be related with how apple is not enforcing these applications to also support Apple authentication.