Need iTunes membership help!

Not sure where to post this. We’ve contacted support, but so far no answers…

I (we) have sort of an opposite issue…my wife and I share an iPad. I signed up first, using iTunes through the app. My wife then signed up, but when her trial ended, it wouldn’t let her activate on the iPad because I was already signed up. So, she started a membership through zwift dot com. She chose a different email address, re-started the game…and seven days later THAT trial expired…only it wasn’t the online membership. Is there anything we can do? We have one iPad, need two separate memberships…thanks in advance for any assistance we can get!

Have you tried signing up for the second account using iTunes on a different device? I would think that once both accounts are established you should be able to sign in to Zwift on the same device using either account. Not positive on this, but I would guess it should work.

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We did sign her up on the zwift web site, but it won’t allow us to access both accounts on the iPad. I’m also trying to see if Apple has a solution.

Thanks for the input! Def gonna try everything!

Ah, gotcha. I thought you were looking to do a subscription through iTunes. So, what happens when you click on the ‘change user’ button on the Zwift log in screen?

Hi @Steve_Davis3 welcome to Zwift forums.

Purchasing a subscription through iTunes means you may have to sync your purchase. Do you see a Restore Purchase link under your XX days remaining message? See this Support Hub article if so.

Alternately - if you’re using a promo code (from a trainer partner, for ex) see this other article.