Trial Expired but I'm paid up on iTunes

Paid and signed up, locked out .

Hi @Craig_Lawson welcome to Zwift forums.

Have you tried changing your password through the Forgot Password link on

Yes, I tried to reset my password. It still says “Trial Expired” and when I try “Join Now” it says, “you currently subscribed to this.”

BTW, I was successful in resetting my password.

So you can log in now, but want to clear up the trial period thing. Got it.

Did you pay for your subscription on iTunes, by chance? There’s a step you have to take to activate your purchase. See this article for details.

I hit that "Restore Purchase’ and it says “The iTune Account blongs to another Zwift Player. Please lot in with another iTune account.” I don’t have another iTune account.

Log not lot

Are you using one email address to log into iTunes and a different one for Zwift perhaps?

If we need to dig deeper into account issues, let’s take this offline. Please write in to so one of our account specialists can investigate.

I tried and got this reply:

“Hi Craig ,
Thanks for contacting us!
Replies sent to this inbox will no longer directly reach our team, so if you want to contact us, don’t reply to this email - we won’t get your response. Here some answers to some frequently asked questions and if you still need help, our contact is below.”

Where do we go from here?

Avez vous ete capable de resoudre votre problème car j ai le même. Impossible de contacter quelqu’un chez Zwift