Account bugs

A very frustrating account issue, perhaps someone on forum can help. I’ve tried without success to reach someone at Zwift to resolve the problem, but their customer service seems designed to prevent users from talking with a representative to resolve problems.
Today’s workout was aborted when a message popped up that my free trial had expired. I’ve been a member for the past several months and have been charged each month, so I’m well beyond the free trial period.
Anyone else run into this problem?
Any suggestions on how to navigate Zwift’s “Contact Us” to actually reach a representative to resolve problems?

On what type of device are you running Zwift? And are you paying for your subscription through iTunes? You might see a ‘Restore Purchase’ link in the lower left portion of the World Selection window at log in. If so, click on that and you should be fine. Sometimes the Zwift server and the iTunes server take some time to sync up. Clicking this link is, effectively, doing a manual update instead of waiting for the automatic update.

But if this isn’t the issue I’m not sure of other solutions.