iTunes on old Zwift account

Hi there,

I had to delete my old Zwift account on which I already had subscribed to the monthly payment. Now that I created a new account Zwift won’t let me upgrade my account because when I do, it says that my iTunes account is linked to a different Zwift profile.
Asking for help!!

Franziska Neck

I’d assume you can log in to your iTunes account on your computer or the App Store on an iPhone. Go to your subscriptions and cancel Zwift.

Then once the old account is cancelled you can set it up again under your new account.

Trank you for your quick response!
I already tried that but I failed to be able to repurchase the membership on my new account…
is there a reason for that?

My only guess would be is when you cancel your membership it isn’t automatic (ie if you cancel today but your month subscription ends 15 days from now) it won’t let you set up a new billing via iTunes until that previous subscription lapses.

Out of curiosity you said you tried to set it up again but it failed to repurchase… did iTunes give you any error or info on why it wouldn’t set up the billing to the new account?

You can also just log in to and go to your settings and set up a subscription directly there. That cuts out the middle man of Apple (see some posts about delayed billing via iTunes where people get “your trial has expired” messages) and your entire subscription cost would go to Zwift versus the cut Apple takes via iTunes

Awesome! That makes sense. I didn’t get any notifications from Apple, like error messages, just a box popping up on the Zwift App. But I’ll try paying via credit card on the website. Is that what you mean?

Yea log in to to your new Zwift account at and you can enter a credit card and it will be billed monthly.

Unrelated but you never mentioned why you had to delete your old account. Depending on how long you were on Zwift you could be losing a fair amount of level/xp

Thank you so much for your help!! It worked out perfect:)
Had to delete the old one because it was an old version on my old computer( didn’t use it for a while) so it was outdated. I guess it was still linked with my iTunes…
Just happy it’s all good now;)