iTunes account is linked to a different Zwift profile

I was a Zwift user, but then cancelled my subscription. I then tried to resubscribe using my Apple ID. It was successful, and the payment went through, but then I got the error message “iTunes account is linked to a different Zwift profile”.

I don’t know how to check which Zwift profile is linked to my AppleID.

Your Apple ID will be linked to whatever Zwift profile you initially used it to sign up with using it, and there’s no way to change which Zwift profile your Apple ID is linked to once they’ve been linked. If you reach out to support we can help you track down the profile and recover it

Hi Lucas,

There is always a way to break that link. Even if it it a DBA having to delete it from a DB. Whilst that is a extreme measure to go, it is possible. The fact that you say it can not easily do it, means there is an opportunity for a feature request here. Zwift should look into this.

I did find this:

So how do we manually clear the subscriber ID linked to my iTunes account/Apple ID?

I already logged a call with Zwift, but I am still waiting for feedback.

Hello, i have the same error… Have you managed to resolve this somehow?

Welcome to the forum. For any strange issues with your subscription, I suggest contacting Zwift support.