Incorrectly cancelled subscription by Zwift

Just had an email from Zwift stating that my subscription has been cancelled. I have checked my subscriptions payment history on Apple and all looks correct with next billing date set for 25 December 2021 (credit card valid for a few more years). My husband’s subscription has gone through fine…on the same card we have used for all payments. However when I look on my Zwift account it shows no payment for 2021 (or earlier) even though the credit card shows all payments. WTH!!!

@shooj - can you confirm if this this a wider issue caused by Zwift and if so what action can be taken to reinstate asap please.

I am unable to use the online chat as their support is time limited to 0800 - 2000 PST….although users around the world can use it (without 24/7 support). I have emailed….waiting for response.

Anyone else experiencing this?

You need to raise a ticket with Zwift support (go past the online chat). Billing issues won’t get sorted out via the forum.

You may need to Restore Purchases if you are using Zwift on an Apple device.

For whatever reason sometimes Zwift will not sync itself with your Apple payment details. If you have a valid subscription on your Apple account and you see that you are on a trial account when you log into Zwift click on the Restore Purchases text in the bottom left. This should get Zwift to check your Apple account and it should restore your full access. I have found that I don’t need to login to Apple for Zwift to do this. Just pressing Restore Purchases is enough.

This happens occasionally to me, the last time being this month, although I have never received an email saying my sub has been cancelled.

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Already done - thanks Steve

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Thanks Aoi.

From a customer point of view, I have suggested to Support that rather than cancel, Zwift should allow a 24/48 hour cooling period so that issues can get resolved. Especially as they can see years of payment history without break.

Think it’s being sorted now.

I was really trying to find out if this was a wider issue but it seems not to be.

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I am having the exact same problem, got email from ZWIFT that Apple cancelled my subscription yet on the same day I received a email receipt for ZWIFT payment from Apple. I tried restore purchases and it comes back with Network Error.

Hi Robert - after raising a ticket, normal service was resumed. If you are still having issues give Support a nudge.

Hi everyone - we have identified an issue here with some members who subscribe via the Apple App Store. Our team is aware and we’re actively working on a resolution.