"canceled" mid workout

I was just doing a (what should have been a 2 hour) workout.

I started getting messages about XX km remaining. and once this “ran down”, my workout was shut down.

I then found that I had received an email rom Zwift (after I started my workout, so I didn’t see it until I was unceremoniously shut down), that said that my membership had been “canceled through Apple either by your intention or due to some issues with your payment method”. Neither of these was true. I had not canceled deliberately, and checking my subscriptions under iCloud, I see that I’m not even due to be re-billed until next month.

The issues are really piling up here.

That sucks, sorry to hear, best bet is contact Zwift support through the website support widget.

Just had similar. I have an active subscription via Apple but was flipped over to trial expired during the middle of a ride. Have contact support but sounds like something not working correctly at Zwift HQ. Has the feel of a Sunday update somewhere gone wrong.

Response from Zwift support.

I do see that you have an active subscription through Apple, so everything looks good on our end! I recommend that you log out, uninstall/reinstall the app to your device, then login by selecting ’ Add Existing User ', this will add the data back to your device.

Removed app, reinstalled and then logged in (I didn’t see add existing use, just Log In).
Didn’t work first time - was still showing as if I was on a trial. There was a second step from zwift with a link (I can’t post links) showing how to reactivate the purchase, this was just bottom left on the route / workout selction screen but when I logged back in again, I was off the trial and back onto a normal subscription. Pretty poor though.

Different to OPs issue though where their sub was actually cancelled erroneously.