Cancelled subsciption but still charged money!

On April 29, 2020 I cancelled my Zwift membership in in Firefox browser, a day before my membership renews. showed message that the cancellation complete. I have no screenshot (because at the time I didnt think it would cause issue), but I remember I saw a success message (and ‘sorry for you to go’ or smthing like that).
I went to my Billing and I was Inactive, meaning I no longer have membership and won’t have to pay for next month.
However, next day April 30, 2020 I was charged 14.99 EUR from my Credit Card account and when I look in my Zwift Accuont Settings > Billing - then subscription still ACTIVE.

So this is clearly a bug which needs fixing!
To Zwift support and developers: please register this is as an incident and raise an internal IT problem ticket to fix this.

I have wrote to support on April 30, 2020 and I am sure they received my message (because I received automatic replay), however they have not reviewed my complaint yet.

I have had this same issue, i continued getting charged after cancelling my membership on one account as I set up two accounts (someone set another one up for me)

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Ok it is a frequent posts but your links doesn’t give a reply
Where can we see the the solution???
Because I’ve the same issue.
I really keen to find a solution.

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I wrote couple emails to zwift support and they have returned the funds. I also wrote an email with screenshots to my bank. Perhaps that helped as well.

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to which email? info?