Cancelled subsciption but still charged money!

On April 29, 2020 I cancelled my Zwift membership in in Firefox browser, a day before my membership renews. showed message that the cancellation complete. I have no screenshot (because at the time I didnt think it would cause issue), but I remember I saw a success message (and ‘sorry for you to go’ or smthing like that).
I went to my Billing and I was Inactive, meaning I no longer have membership and won’t have to pay for next month.
However, next day April 30, 2020 I was charged 14.99 EUR from my Credit Card account and when I look in my Zwift Accuont Settings > Billing - then subscription still ACTIVE.

So this is clearly a bug which needs fixing!
To Zwift support and developers: please register this is as an incident and raise an internal IT problem ticket to fix this.

I have wrote to support on April 30, 2020 and I am sure they received my message (because I received automatic replay), however they have not reviewed my complaint yet.

I have had this same issue, i continued getting charged after cancelling my membership on one account as I set up two accounts (someone set another one up for me)

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Ok it is a frequent posts but your links doesn’t give a reply
Where can we see the the solution???
Because I’ve the same issue.
I really keen to find a solution.

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I wrote couple emails to zwift support and they have returned the funds. I also wrote an email with screenshots to my bank. Perhaps that helped as well.

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to which email? info?

I cancelled on my iphone and had a red message to say that the sub was cancelled (that message is still there), and the next month ebay still charged me. I’m now going to email Zwift to ask for a refund. Irritating.

Update: I contacted Zwift through their chat function. Helpful John P looked into it. Apparently I had a ‘back-up’ account with Zwift through their platform so when I canceled through Apple, the back-up kicked in. He looked at my account, and agree to refund me. Presumably because he could see what had happened and because he could see I haven’t used my account since I cancelled it on Apple. Good man. (The payment could take up to 7 days to come through)

I have now paused my ‘back-up’ but that only lasts for 8 weeks so in fact John P suggested I just cancel and rejoin when I’m ready, otherwise, I will get charged in 8 weeks even if I’ve not ready to start pedaling again. Even when I cancel, they keep all my data so when I rejoin, my progress and unlocks etc will all be there.

Thanks John P - thanks Zwift.

Hi @Graeme_Kane,

You’re welcome! I’m glad we could get this taken care of for you, and I appreciate your patience while I looked into this for you.