Being charged despite cancelled membership more than year ago and not using zwift. Unable to cancel membership now

I have cancelled my Zwift paid subscription more than one year ago (obviously I took no screenshot).
Now I found out that I have been charged from my card anyway. I checked the site and my membership is active. I haven’t even started the free trial period of 25km after which Zwift should charge.
Moreover, I am not even able to cancel my membership now as the zwift com/eu/cancellation site will return me always back to the billing site (zwift com/eu/billing/membership) where I can see nothing but membership promotion and lots of money that I was charged for absolutely nothing.
I raised a ticket and sent email but no-one haven’t replied yet.
I saw that similar issue appeared to other people for past 2-3 years.
What course of action should I take? Is there another more efficient communication channel to use?

can you cancel your direct debit?

You’ll obviously still need to conta t them to get the overpayment back but at least you’ll stop paying them more.

You have given Zwift the chance to resolve your issue and they have not yet been helpful.

I suggest the next course of action you take is to contact your bank/card company asking them the same question. As you are their valued customer I feel you may find them more helpful than Zwift.

No, I cannot cancel. After I move to cancellation screen and I am immediately redirected to billing screen. And from there there is just option to join again:

Let’s see. I contacted them during the weekend. But thanks, I’ll contact my credit card company and bank.

I meant cancel the payment with your bank or card provider.

Raise a ticket with Zwift support. Go through the support section and tell the bot that the suggested articles don’t help, and you’ll eventually get a form to fill to contact support.

Yes, I’ve done so immediately. Let’s see what happens.


I’ve flagged this with the support team.

Thank you.

Hi @Vladimir_Kundrak

I see that you’ve in contact with my colleagues via email. I’m going to ask that we continue to work with you offline via email because we don’t handle matters related to your account and money on this public forum.