Zwift charging my account after i cancelled the subscription


I had to cancel my Zwift subscription but Zwift is still charging my bank account and now they are not answering at the support for 3 weeks.

Have you anyone had similar issue amd how you solved it or how did you get in touch with Zwift support?


I’ve had the same issue. I suspended my account and a week later was charged. I’ve contacted support twice now and I’m still waiting for a reply.

Don’t keep contacting them or it will put you at the end of the line. It is first in first out, and if you call or email a 2nd time it puts you at the back of the queue.

I recently contacted support and it took 2 weeks (12 business days) to get a response, and that was with the US holiday in there too.


Dispute the charge with your credit card company if they won’t get back to you.

I am having the same issue. Get with it Zwift, you can do better than this!