Zwift keeps billing stoped subscription

Every time I want to contact support for questions for example like billing, they send me to the forum.

So here it is:

I already stopped my subscription for two times. In Oktober and in November and now i get billed again December, and of course I stopped subscription again. Every time I quit I don’t get a confirmation of me stoping my subscription on Zwift. And every time I visit the site again, it says that I am a premium member as if nothing has happened.

At first I thought that I made a mistake and quit the subscription again in November, and now I get billed again in December!

I want my money back, you don’t send a confirmation so people can’t make a case at Paypal, and then there is no one who i can reach out to, on your site, no phone number nothing only this Forum

I paid 45 euro’s for november, december and january, I want it payed back.

this is starting to happen to me - i will let paypal know to cancel these guys but its a bad look for this zwift