Zwift stop my subscription

Zwift wants to make easy money! When you cancel your subscription, no confirmation will be sent. The subscription will continue if nothing has happened. I have canceled my subscription twice and am now getting the bill for January.
The annoying thing is that you cannot make a claim at paypall because you have no proof of termination of the subscription.
There is no way you can access Zwift except through this forum. The email address is not working, there is no phonenumber. And questions about subscriptions are dismissed with a sort of computer robotassistant, who can’t answer any question.

So Zwift stop your wrong doing and send my money back, it now concerns three payments.

Please soon

Have you been able to cancel your subscription from the website? When I go to my account there I can select manage membership. Below the picture of people riding in Zwift there a a greyed-out cancel membership and pause membership duo of buttons that you can select. As for getting money back for either your error, or Zwift’s error, that is something you will have to discuss with someone at Zwift because you won’t get help for that on the forums.

Yes that is exactly what I did three times now.
That’s the problem with Zwift, there is no one to reply, they don’t have a help or support desk, and all the problems are send to the forum.

And soon there will come some moderator who is telling you that the post doesn’t belong here.

â– â– â– â–  Zwift

Here’s a link to the online chat feature and Zwift Support to try and contact someone again.

Yes the chat function is useless, some robot with three answers
And the email is a broken link

And if the three answers doesn’t solve the problem they send you to the forum. That’s the whole idea of Zwift. It’s the American system just pay no customers service.

And if you want to get rid of them, they just keep on billing

If you’re paying through PayPal you can cancel your subscription through them. This link takes you to the Paypal page that tells you how to cancel a recurring payment.


You are great man, I was looking the whole afternoon to block the payment through PayPal for Zwift.

Thank you very much.

This is so wrong I cancelled the subscription today in Zwift (for the third time), and it does not send a message to Paypal, because I just had to stop the subscription in Paypal, it stil was there. They let it rot and when it’s 23th of the month the premium membership is being activated again, because money is send from your Paypal

I had a similar problem but eventually it worked.

My post here was deleted because Zwift don’t allow account discussions on the forum.

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Yes they have Shuji to correct you haha. Some community manager Zwift has, with a fake account photo (he could not have found a better picture) and fake name doing public relations. It gives you a good idea how Zwift thinks about costumer care.

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