Cant cancel Zwift membership

Can not cancel my membership. When I click the reason to cancel , it flashes back to my membership page and dont let me cancel. Do I need a Lawer ?

No. You need to try an alternate browser.

Tried Chrome and Edge. Same problem

Try incognito mode in Chrome

Tx 4 your tips Stuart but none of these have worked. The system is done to avoid you to cancel so they will keep charging u every month. I will try to work directly with my credit card company.
BS Zwift was a disapointment

Contact Zwift support.

tried contact but all I got is a automatic chat that take back to the cancellation page that does not work Does anybody knows zwift support email ?

Please provide me with an email address for Zwift support

Just keep saying “no” or whatever in the chat to indicate they arent pointing you to the right place and after 2 or 3 “no’s” you will get an option to email.

Hi @ivan_Geraidine

I’ve looked at your account and without going into details on here, your membership is already cancelled. If you have any further questions, reach out to us through chat and follow what Mike stated above so that you can get to a representative.

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Hi John,

It seems im having the same issue. Ive tried to cancel my suscrption and the page is not allowing me todo do so. Please i ask for your help inmmediately with cancelling my suscrption


You can contact Zwift support on this page. To get past the robot, just keep talking until you are able to create a support request.