Help cancelling membership

I receive an error message when cancelling after selecting a reason. I am the only one ? I logged on to the right hidden cancellation screen…and impossible to get in touch with anyone.
Any help would be welcome.

There was an identical report of this on Facebook this morning.

If you can’t get through to support or find any way to cancel, I would do it through the payment processor - credit card issuer, PayPal, app store, etc.

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The cancellation machine probably can’t cope with the extra work caused by the price increase :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hey @Lucie_Blanchet! I’m Norman from Zwift, I emailed you the solution to your problem to maintain your privacy. But if you’d like to share on this thread afterward that’s fine! Check your inbox whenever you have the chance and I’ll see you there.

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