Cancel membership options?

Posting here as suggested by Eric.


I canceled my membership since the weather got a lot better now. I’m sure I’ll go back to zwift once the weather is not good. but I would like to give you some ideas.


  1. I would still pay like 5 usd for a spring/summer membership that only allowed me let’s say half of my average miles in the winter, or a variation of that, offering a lower tier for the warmer months can be something people would probably pay (and the strain on the platform would of course be less given the good wether.).


  1. cancelled is too strong, try a “pause membership”, and give better explanation, I was afraid of cancelling and losing all my data/rides


Best wishes! And keep the platform good! I’ll be back in winter.

Hallo, do you know if the rides are loost if you come back in autumn?


You would not lose your rides or level, it’s more or less a pause.