What happens when membership cancelled? Day Ride option?

I just cancelled my membership as I hadn’t used it for a few months and weather is good so likely wouldn’t use it for a few more months. I assume when you cancel you membership your account data is wiped. Is this correct or when you go back and start a membership is it still all there.

I do like Zwift but I always prefer to ride outside if I can and got a gravel bike this year so riding in bad weather has flipped over into being fun. I’d mostly use Zwift over maybe a 4-5 month period in Winter. Would be good to have membership options geared towards more sporadic or winter use.

An option to pay to ride for a day would be good as well as there will be the odd day where I may just want to do a bit of zwifting.

Saying that if data is not lost then it doesn’t really matter.

No, it won’t wipe your levels etc. Those will still be there if and when you choose to come back in the future.


Thanks Steve, good to know that.

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Also I believe you can ride up to 25km per month while canceled.

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