2 YRS+ Zwifting & Acct Cancelled days after payment didn't go through?

(Erik Abrahamsen) #1

Help, I received an email last week stating my payment didn’t process and when I went in to update my credit card info It looks like my account has been cancelled and I’ve lost the ability to continue on @$10 month. I never received an email stating that my account would be cancelled or was in the risk of cancellation. I just received an email stating that the payment didn’t go through and yesterday an email saying my account was canceled.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #2

You haven’t lost any data. Just renew your subscription and continue where you left off. Zwift allows you to come and go as you please without deleting your account or activities info.

(Kevin) #3

As Aaron stated, you haven’t lost any data. No one can continue at $10/month anymore. The grandfather period ran out on November 15th so any renewal after that has to pay $15/month.

(M Flinn) #4

Yep, thats a fact. I thought Grandfathered in was a good deal for the folks who had been in it for a while… Not sure that I ride Zwift enough to justify the price increase.

(Cee Markone) #5

You are lucky
I didn’t even get an email
Just found that I was on a free 25km trial
No explanation