No more membership pausing available?

I know that you used to be able to “Pause” your membership for a certain period of time, when did they remove this feature?

It was really handy to be able to pause it for the summer as I just do not use Zwift at all since I can just go bike outside…

When and why was this removed? It’s not like a cheap monthly…

Because instead you can just cancel. And when ready rejoin.

Yeah, just cancel and then rejoin. You don’t lose anything.

Hi @Erick_Magana

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Yes the pausing function was removed some time ago.

If you are not planning to ride on Zwift over the summer you can Cancel your subscription and when you decide to use Zwift again (when it is to warm outside :slight_smile: ) you can just re subscribe and continue where you left off.

ohh okay, thank you for the reply!

Thanks for the reply!