Yearly membership / Pay per Ride

Hello Zwifters,
Spring is coming and I will stop Zwifting for a while in April.
But sometimes, I’d like to have a single ride, maybe once a week, depending on the wheather. But 15€ for only 4 rides/month is too much. I might switch to BKool to pay less for that.
Would be great to have a pay per ride option, depending on the price of course ! Otherwise, a year membership ?
My membership is 6/12 month = 90€. I’d be ready to spend more for a 12 months membership, but for sure not 180€.
Ride On !

I think a lot of people would like different membership options (family rate!), but I don’t think that’s a priority for Zwift right now. Maybe once the peak Winter is over and they want to retain more riders over Summer. But right now, during peak indoor season, it ain’t happening.


I have heard, but don’t know for sure, that when you suspend your membership you can still ride 25k per month (which is not much really).

RGT Cycling is out of beta now and has a free (limited features) option, its not as good as Zwift IMO but it is free.

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In the USA it’s $15, even if you only use it 3 times a month that’s 5 bucks a pop

Much cheaper than almost any other fitness class you can find and still a good value imo


I’ve always felt zwift misses out on having a reduced rate for yearly membership. It’s $15 a month. Come May-Oct I cancel because I ride mainly outside. I would use it a couple times a month during bad weather. But I’m not paying $15 a month for 1-2 rides. So they get $90 from me. If they had a $120 dollar a year option I’d probably do it. $10 a month reduced price for the year. They would end up making $30 a year more from me in the long run. I’m sure there are many people in the same boat.


You are correct in your math, of course, but what about the money they would lose on a rider like me, who uses Zwift extensively all year long? The solution you are proposing would result in them making $60 less per year, so overall it would be a wash. So perhaps it would depend on the number of partial year riders who would opt for the extra months vs the money lost for people who are already ok with the US $15/mo fee. (And I’m guessing someone has already done this math and decided it would result in less income overall.

Other options, though, might include a reduced monthly fee for a limited number of days or miles per month. Or perhaps some sort of ‘punch card’ option. As one of the earlier posters mentioned, though, even if you only ride 3x a month, $5 is pretty cheap compared to many other options. How many folks do you think there are paying more than $15/mo for a gym membership that goes largely unused?

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True, I guess you would have to see the numbers on the % of people that keep their membership all year.


Thank you for the tip about RGT Cycling. Never heard about this app before.

Hi All, you are right, the number of permanent members is the reason why a yearly membership isn’t proposed. If they were proposing yearly membership, would they loose money, or would it increase sufficiently the number of permanent members ? WHo knows ?
In another hand, how many non permanent members would be ready to pay 3USD for a single ride when they aren’t member ? I would.
Zwift is loosing turnover not proposing that solution for riders like me. They should consider this opportunity, it could make both happier !

I would love to see paying per ride or pay per day.
Paying per month is save for zwift but totally retarded in the long view.

People will jump to the cheapest or best solution they can find. 15 $ isn’t much of course but giving the fact that core updates (bugged drafting logic, w/kg rules everywhere especially flat, no team or serious group chat, no individual HUD, … and most importantly SAVE WITHOUT EXIT!!!) still lag installation - paying per day would be much more fair!

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You are assuming that pay per day would be cheaper than the current monthly payment

That’s a pretty big and likely inaccurate assumption

Zwift would not make the daily charge the monthly charge divided by days in a month…

I pay a monthly and legendary 15 $.
I have 30 days left to use.
I can use these days whenever i want.
Not absolutely in one month in one year is also possible. :thinking:

I’d like a pay per ride plan for the summer that is capped at the monthly plan rate. It would shift the billing from start of month to end of month, but it’d be really helpful for the inclement weather days during the summer. As it is, I just cancel Zwift from March/April through November. If I could switch my account over to the pay per ride plan instead of cancelling, I would. And I’d get a permanent indoor smart bike a lot quicker, too.

what is the point to not being able to pay per ride or pay some a certain amount of “zwift days”.
most if not all of my friends will cancel their member ship during summer or around april to september but still ride at rainy days inside that gap. henceforth they wont pay for a month mostly using other platforms … if the “25 km remaining” option is not available anymore. just think about it…