On-Demand Payments

(erik didriksen (xXx)) #1

Now that the weather is turning nice I’d really like the option to be able to pay $3-$5 per use for the few times I’ll use Zwift over the summer - can you please add this option?  I may end up spending more per month this way but the flexibility would be appreciated.  It’s unlikely I’ll reactivate my zwift membership to ride indoors just once.

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

Good idea.

Otherwise most of us will stop the payment months ahead.

(Carl Nolan) #3

Alternatively a yearly membership where a summer discount is built in, say 85% of the monthly fee if you pay for a year.

(Stef Levolger) #4

A system in the way… I think it is bkool… handles things may be an alternative option as well. If not ridden once during a certain month, your membership gets transferred over to the next.

At least that way you don’t even have to think about cancelling and restarting subscriptions over the summer period.

(Mark Hewitt) #5

£8 a month isn’t a massive amount. But automatically not billing if you haven’t ridden that month is an excellent idea and one Zwift should implement.

(. TomH..) #6

Hi all, 

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We’ll make sure it will be looked at and considered as possible options.

Ride On!

(Ian Carter) #7

I’ve only used Zwift when it was free in beta and then as part of the Strava 2 months free and now the current 7 day free offer. I like to do structured workouts on the turbo and I use free software to do this, however, I do occasionally feel like jumping on Zwift. However, the amount of time I’d spend on it doesn’t justify spending £8 per month (or spending time inside instead of out on the road to ‘make the most of’ a months membership).

My solution is similar to the OP’s, although it would involve having ‘credit’ which you buy which gives you time on Zwift - say, £/$10 for 10 hours, and they can be used whenever, so you could do an hour or 2 one month and then jump on Zwift again the next month. It wouldn’t work for the regular users of Zwift who would be better off having a membership, but I’d guess there are a fair few people who are similar to me who would like to use Zwift but would not use it enough to justify the membership cost.

(Peter Drnovsek) #8

I was also disappointed by the lack of subscription options. I agree $10 is not a lot but I feel silly paying for something that I don’t use. So in the summer months I don’t use Zwift and canceled subscription. One time/ride fee say $1 or so would be very attractive option for a single ride when the weather does not cooperate.
Are you guys planning of such a feature?

(Thomas Sean Evans [KRT] #WfR (B)) #9

Even if you’re not riding, that money is going into Zwift to help them develop the game. I am almost at the end of my free trial. I will subscribe this month and not unsubscribe in the summer. I think I will still do one Kiss race a week all year round as it’s so much fun!

(Ian Carter) #10

Some of us can’t justify paying a monthly fee for something we might use a few times over the entire summer. Zwift will still get income by having other payment options.