Limited time or pay per hour account

So summer is approaching and this has been the first winter I’ve used Zwift. With the days lengthening and warming I’ll be heading outside soon and will probably cancel my Zwift membership. It’d be great to have the option of a cheaper account with limited hours per month or even just a pay per hour rate so on the bad days (I am a bit of a fair weather cyclist after all) I could hop on Zwift. I would only envisage doing maybe 4 or 5 hours a month and overall it doesn’t seem worth it to keep my regular membership going for this infrequent use.

Out of curiosity, what sort of hourly rate would you be willing to pay? At $3/hour you’re up to the regular monthly subscription rate with only the 5 hours per month. To me that seems pretty inexpensive, so why cancel? But, then again, I am also coming from a perspective where I end up using Zwift pretty regularly during the summer months, even with the nice weather, simply due to work commitments not allowing me to get outside as frequently as I would like.


If it was $1/hour I’d definitely use it from time to time, maybe once a week for an hour. If it was $3/hour then it’s a maybe. I agree it isn’t much and I’m sure Zwift have lots of data of how many people cancel and how many keep subscribing and just don’t use it.

The weather in the summer here is good and there won’t be too many days that I can’t go out and I can see Zwift going unused (or once a month) for 3 or 4 months and then I just see the money leaving my account every month and I think why am I paying this?

Maybe it’s a question of my perceived value for money, right now this pandemic has shut down all my usual exercise and sporting options and winter shut down solo outdoor activities so I’m using Zwift 7+ hours a week. During the summer as I said it will drop to near 0 and next winter (hopefully this pandemic will be behind us by then) I will probably be on Zwift for 3 to 4 hours per week. With those numbers I think Zwift is tremendous value for money, but then it isn’t if it’s only an hour a week.