Suggestion for payment plans

I just reviewed for a month (because summer is coming). I was able to use it 1-2 times for the month.  (2 hours).  My fault - just busy in the summer.  So now I don’t play to renew until November. As I’m SURE many will also do.

My suggestion?  How about offering time… so we pay per hour. Even if at a bit higher price tag.   For example. 10 a month is fair if we use it every day. Or even 3 times a week is =  12 times a month.  (at a hour per use) we’re looking at around 12 hours for 10.00.   OR LESS IF WE USE IT MORE! (30 times a month as in daily).

But what if we could buy actual “TIME usage”.  Maybe 1.00 per hour.  The same 10 dollars gets me only 10 hours, but I can bank that over several months. I would SURELY buy time through the summer if I knew it wasn’t wasted money down the drain if I don’t find the time.  I’d like to see you offer both methods so that I could choose best plan for the time of year.  Even if the hourly was limited to a 6mo span.  I could join it in May through Sept and just pay 1.00 per hour.   Buying 10 hours at a time, and recieving 10 actual hours of use.  

This would be better than what I just experienced which is 2 hours for the month or  5.00 per hour in this situation.