Improve your pricing plans

I started out as one of your most loyal customers. Until recently, I lived in Shanghai, and I used your product religiously as riding there is quite tough. I’ve since moved to Barcelona, and well, you can imagine how the riding is here, I think I’ve used Zwift a total of 10 times since I have moved. Here’s the thing, I am thinking about cancelling my account. Even in the dead of winter, I still find it pleasurable to ride outside here, but I would love to be able to ride on Zwift at a much lower frequency. Your pricing policy allows only one tier, and when I was in Shanghai I valued this tier even after the price increase. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to continue justifying paying 15 USD a month for a product that I hardly use. I think that with some creativity, you guys should be able to come up with a better pricing option for users with my utilization rate. I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

I genuinely feel bad even writing you this, I want to keep my account open as I truly think you’re sitting on something revolutionary over there, but with my habits having changed, I cannot justify keeping my account open when I use the product with such little frequency. Some sort of ‘pay as you go’ or ‘maximum hours’ solution would be far more attractive to me than a 15 dollar a month fee.

Zwift is still very young, and do I dare day green in the gaming world. I hope they figure it out as XBox, PlayStation, EA, Origin, Amazon, Disney, just to name a few, have figured it out. Yeah it makes accounting a little more difficult as you could have unearned revenue on the books but maybe that expense is worth it to the loyal customer base.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. If $15 basically equals 30 riding days per month, how about $10 for 15 days, or maybe $10 for 500 miles, or some other alternative? To me, personally, $15 is a pretty good deal if I ride 30 days a month or 3 days a month.

If would like to have it that way:
i pay 15 $ and have 30 days to ride not a month but 30 days.
so when riding 7 days a month outside i still could ride the next month too because i would keep those 7 days for later …

If I don’t watch TV for 7 days a month I would like that to carry over to the next month, also, but that’s not really the way subscription services work. I’ve seen people propose a punch card type of system, but I’m guessing that sort of plan would cost about $1/day, and people would end up just going back and forth between the options and not saving much, if any money.


$15 is about 1/3 of what one spin class costs… This is a bargain even if you only use it a couple of times a month

Of all the expenses in cycling, $15 a month is pretty minor imo