Zwift Pricing

Hi there, I have a suggestion regarding Zwift pricing. Since the grandfathered pricing is over, I personally find the new price too high for how much I actually use Zwift. I think it would be
a great feature if Zwift could introduce different price levels. For example, you can introduce credits you purchase in intervals of $5 or $10 denominations for set amounts of riding, for example you can charge $10 for 100 miles and leave the $15 price tag for unlimited. Or maybe even sell credits (ie. $5, $10) for pay as you go and charge $0.10 / mile. Given my work schedule, I’m on the fence about renewing because I don’t have enough time and won’t be getting as much out of Zwift as others who ride a lot. However, I would love to be a part of the community and still have the opportunity to join my friends on Zwift once a week if I can pay for less service. I personally feel that offering various pricing options may draw more casual users who don’t want to commit at the new pricing, it may even win back some customers who left because the grandfathered price is over. In turn, this could possibly generate a lot more revenue for Zwift to get bigger and better. Thought??