Higher prices at Zwift....

It’s time for new competitors at this market…!!

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Is it really that much more per month for something that has that much upside? It’s like one specialty coffee more per month.

Oh, and there is already a thread about the increase: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115011310586-50-Price-Hike-


:slight_smile: also expensive coffee Paul…

Its clearly worth the money for the people who use it and when compared to similar activities, it’s a bargain. 

But, I can see where people can see the increase as not a value, assuming the same product remains as is, or no more “upgrades” were given, which we highly doubt will take place. 


Netflix is more expensive compared to two years ago, but, more content has been given, which validated the increase. 


The fact there was a 1 year freeze, was a big positive step. If anyone was penny pinching today, instead of seeing a $6 increase (or whatever it is) its instead a $3 increase over two years, which is still in line with typical increases, without ever buying the game outright. 

I don’t really care what the “monthly” cost is, partly because we didn’t pay a one time fee of $50 to own the game, or need to buy one each year, similar to a basketball game. 

I pay more a month for satellite radio, which I use maybe 1 hour a day. .  

I guess the thing that grates most with me is the timing.  At the moment with the issues they have been having for the last fortnight I am not getting what I pay for now.  I know it’s not connected, but 2 weeks of spoilt racing with the server issues, and then part way through notification of a 50% price hike…


I have to admit I was thinking the email may be an apology and an offer for a 50% off month…  

As Dc rainmaker wrote: it 's a 500k $ per month additional in revenue


No way they can justify a 50% price increase.

In Denmark i pay 13.44 Usd a month, whit 50%  more it’s close to 20 usd a MONTH!! That’s 240 usd a year!! I ride about 2500 km a year that’s almost 1 usd each 10 km. Maybe Zwift is only fore elite/pro bikers. Sad Way to go.

15 per month if for same a lot, and for others a few coffees…

I agree with the bad timing with the issue I have been having also lately.

For me in the winter, 15 USD is OK, but the raise will probably help to unplug and get back out on the road when spring comes :wink:


Seems like $12/month was the way to go as it’s the sweet spot for many other online services and offer a discounted annual rate.  And they should have coupled the announcement with a fairly detailed roadmap of what they have planned in the next 2 to 5 years to offer us.

I am a very new customer and I have noticed quite a few issues, I hope this is not a consistent thing but I find it very strange that with all these issues Zwift has decided to increase their rates. #PoorTiming

I was just about to sign up after completing the 7 day trial - but 15USD / month is quite steep. 

And what do they mean by non-contract? Is there a contract pricing?

I’ll be happy to pay for an annual fee provided it’s hugely discounted otherwise they are other virtual rides available - Veloreality, bigringVR, Sufferfest, Rouvy, Bkool, etc. etc.

The only good thing about Zwift is that there are lots of other riders too but that might change with the increase in price!!! Surely if anything they’ll lose riders instead of getting more riders involved.

Perhaps they are hoping to only get serious cyclist sign up and not interested in promoting the virtual cycling world to the general public. Most people will be turned off at the price - they’ll be initially keen on the idea of an indoor virtual riding experience but the fact that they have to invest in an additional cycling equipment (that goes no where) and pay quite a high monthly subscription to use it - it’ll be a case of naw…nice idea but too expensive.

Kind of dumb strategic decision, Zwift.

I guess I’m lucky that I squeaked in and joined literally 2 days before the price increase, but it still makes me kind of mad.   People dismiss it as a cup of coffee, but there is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The fact is that it is a 50% increase.  My take home pay has not gone up that much in 20 years.   I could see jumping from $10 to $12 maybe, or a month-to-month versus a commitment price.  But 50% is pretty outrageous.

when does it stop becoming more than a cup of coffee - say…$100/month?

Like i said - if they had wanted to drop as many users as possible and only wanted to keep the die-hards…then it’s a successful move to have hiked the prices up. Otherwise it’s probably an oops moment for them.

Anyone wanting to dip their toes into this would now think 3 times about forking out $20 AUD / month to cycle indoors. 

Someone mentioned what is an extra few dollars on top of paying for the Kickr…that’s the point…that it is subscription based so it’s a forever thing. That one cup of coffee a month will turn out to having bought a whole coffee plantation. We’re all not suckers. As cyclist we value a good value and this doesn’t feel like one right now.

And as a game Zwift is pretty damn basic in terms of graphics and game play. You ride on rails. The game doesn’t take into accounts cornering so go into and out of corners like a formula 1 car. And the cadence is not reflected in the rider.

Most riders will start to fan out to other virtual rides as soon as possible. They have Zwift to thank for.

If you are serious about workouts, group rides, races…things like that then no doubt it still represents excellent value. But Zwift seem to have forgotten that not everyone wants to do that…there are plenty of people who want to use it just to keep reasonably fit by doing the odd hour here and there. For them (which includes myself) this is a simply ridiculous decision.

Instead of just making an arbitrary decision Zwift actually need to think about their user base. You look at something like Rouvy…monthly subs of $8 to $12 a month depending on what content you want and the more expensive subs even let you bring in family members free. Why does Zwift seemingly find this impossible to do?

As an occasional user I certainly won’t be renewing my sub at the increased price; indeed, when the better UK weather comes along I’ll ditch it. Cos in all honesty this leaves a pretty nasty taste in the mouth smelling, as it does, of a simple cash grab. 



Why can’t they just charge by the hour?  With a tiered pricing model for casual riders that doesn’t include workouts or events.

That seems fair. Pay for what you actually use. 

There were a few months when I was sick and only used zwift one or two time.

If they would implement a proper racing system I would pay $30/month…

I do hear what people are saying about  a pay per ride model, but then you also see there are people wanting an annual plan.  I guess personally I wouldn’t see a pay per ride model as positive, as the last thing you want is added disincentive to train/ride.  But that’s me.  Equally, would hate to think of some dedicated uni student not being able to afford to ride, either as a race or train.  Ending up heading out in crappy winter weather as they can’t afford to ride on zwift.   

I also don’t understand the logic that says that because you have lots of customers then you need to charge all those customers more due to the added costs.  It kinda defies normal economies of scale where the unit price to provide is increasing.  Where there isn’t a supply constraint, and in the case of a software environment that isn’t the case, then it makes no sense. 

One other thought on this, by upping to $15 it does provide space for a competitor to undercut as $10.  Before, then there was less space between free and essentially the same price. Now it eases the market for someone to cover costs whilst developing from Beta, build a user base and then go to $12/15 when in full. 

I am old user also payed 8,49 euro so for the next year price should stay the same but it is not i must now pay pay 10,49 euro ? Anyone else got this problem 

I am in the Netherlands. My membership seems to have stayed at 10 usd, whatever that is currently in euros

Ik ook in nederland betaalde ook altijd 10 us dollar dus 8,49 maar als ik nu op upgrade klikt staat er automatisch 10,49 euro geen 9,99 us dollar meer euro is meefwaard dan de dollarvdus moet de prijs altijd lager zijn .

Met Zwift gemaild. Die geven aan dat je zou moeten kunnen blijven kiezen tussen betalen in dollar of euro. Ook na november 2018. Dat betekent dus een ander % verhoging…en dus 15 dollar (nu) iets meer dan 12 euro is. Hoe dit volgend jaar november is, kan niemand voorspellen.