Why does the price increase by 20%

You’ll need to give more detail about your location, how much you were paying and how much you are now paying and how you are paying.

I live in Sweden and I price was 149 SEK and now they informed it will be 179 SEK

Den tis 15 aug. 2023 07:47Stuart Middlecoate via Zwift Forums <> skrev:

179 SEK is 12.99 GBP so the question is… why have you been paying so little? :wink:


My thoughts exactly, same as the chap the other day. Seems some countries have been getting more value for money.

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I’m not sure about the price increase but I wanted to see if anyone else has tried to cancel their subscription and is unable to. I am pretty sure I was able to cancel it over a year ago but just noticed the other day that the fee is still coming out of my account. I found a link to try to cancel it again but it tries to get me to sign up for a membership instead of canceling it. How convenient! I also tried to delete my card information but it will not let me change it. Also the live chat does not work. I am very unhappy with the situation because I am spending too much time on something that should be simple and quite frankly should have been done a year ago.

I cancelled my sub a couple of months ago as it’s (nominally) Summer. I don’t recall any difficulty whatsoever. What are you running Zwift on and what platform are you using to access the account pages?

This is a repeat issue and usually resolved using an alternate browser or device.

I have tried on my phone and using chrome on my laptop.

Clear your cookies+cache in that case.