New UK Price £14.99 or £12.99?

Hi, I recently cancelled my membership, I did get the £8 price all this year, however when I go to re-join, it states £14.99 a month on the ‘upgrade’ image, I thought the price increase was to £12.99?

It’s definitely £12.99. I just paid on Friday.

However, I recall hearing that prices are higher if you subscribe through the Apple Store. I can’t confirm that, but if you’re going through the Apple Store I’d recommend going directly through the Zwift website instead.

Thanks for the reply, here’s the image, this is through the website, states £14.99

I see this:


That’s on the desktop site. I can’t event work out how to see that screen on the mobile view. If it’s different for people coming back, I’ve never heard about it.

@Stuart_Howell I wonder if it’s a mobile site bug.

I just created a new account, and see this on the desktop site:

Note, price in dollars.

If I use the “Upgrade” option in the top right of the desktop website and select the UK, it’s definitely showing £12.99:

Thanks for the info, that’s confusing then, why do I get £14.99 and you £12.99? I’ve emailed Zwift to claify.

Btw, I looked on both desktop and mobile sites and get the £14.99 image.

Very confusing! Hope you get it sorted out.

I’d be interested in knowing the answer for future reference.

Just got a reply, they said just an image error, £12.99 is what I pay if I go through to payment, just wanted clarification as a bit worried it was going up to £14.99, can just about cope with increase to £12.99 :wink: Thanks for your replys!


Hope they fix the image then! :smiley:

Looks like you get the raw end of the stick anyway you want to slice it.


Due to EU regulations, doesn’t Zwift (as a service) has to cost the same for every EU citizen independet of place of residence?

12.99 GPB < 14.99 €. I would guess citizens in Sweden pay 14.99 $ (at least i know so from Norway, it’s not in the EU though), which would be even less.

Until April i payed 10 USD per month, upon activation this winter it’s 15 EUR. So that’s a price increase of almost 100%.

I’m not sure. The page begins “As an EU national”. Zwift Inc is headquartered in the USA, so I guess maybe it doesn’t come under those rules?

There is a UK company (Zwift UK Ltd), but that’s not who we’re buying services from, is it?

It’s an interesting question, but I’d assume prices are set with any legal restrictions in mind.

Yes, it’s just a ripoff. £10 would be equivalent to the US price.

I’ve archived this topic as it’s nearly a year old and the increase itself has long since passed.