Zwift store complain/question

I have a complain/question to make/ask as to the Zwift store.
I’m currently using a Wahoo Snap with just a basic Road Bike 2x9.
I’ve been making major improvements lately and wanted to improve in getting a direct drive.

I am from France so prices are euro.
I just need to understand, how come US citizens can pay 3499$ or 1199$ for a Wahoo Bike or Kickr when us EU users have to pay the same price in euro.

Just for the comparison, 3499€ = 4109$.
So in Europe we have to pay 600$ more for trainers.

I just need to understand the Zwift policy here tbh…
Not to mention, fellow English riders, their prices are even higher… 2999£ = 4134$

Maybe someone from Zwift can enlighten me a little abt this since it’s pretty confusing.

The prices are the same as buying from Wahoo directly

£500 boss