Membership price 14,99, but pay 17,99$

Hi! I see the price 14,98$ on the screen, but should I pay 17,99$; why?

Tax? If you are from a EU country (or Australia) you will have sales tax added to the base price of $14.99 USD. It looks like your country has a 20% sales tax rate.

I’m in Russia, as far as I know, no any extra tax for us if buy something in US, EU, GB or any other country.

Is there any possibility for more than one person to be on the same account and have our own avatar ?

Hi @Andrey_Folomeev, welcome to the Zwift Forums.

Certain jurisdictions require Zwift to collect tax, and Russia is one country that does. Please see our pricing, payment and gift card FAQ that we keep up to date.

Not at the moment, it’s one account for one avatar.