Changes to Zwift Subscription Renewals [May 2024]

Hello Zwift subscribers!

Do you have questions about the increase in the price of a Zwift subscription that were announced today?

We have worked hard to keep prices locked since 2017 and have made this change to allow us to continue making indoor cycling fun with more content experiences and product innovation.

More information about these changes can be found on the FAQ page. Please see this page for more details.

No announcement from zwift that i’ve seen. They seem to have informed the press before customers


That link doesn’t work. Could be it was published before the embargo was lifted.


sounds quite likely looks like a slap on the wrist for somebody…too late now zwift. The news is out. everyone on fb and discord knows.


They took the link down, thanks @Gordon_Rhino-Racing for grabbing the screen capture

a 38.5% increase in UK price, bold strategy cotton


An increase that I’m not willing to pay.


If I opt for the monthly payments, its 240 EUR/year (almost 260 USD).

I don´t play PC, PS5 or Xbox games, so I´m ignorant of the prices, but how much does a prime/trendy AAA game cost?

Man, 200 or more EUR/year is a nasty price for people with low wages.


yeah I’m going to have to give it a good think about whether its worth it


I thought there might have been an opportunity to sign up for an annual sub at the old prices, but the new prices are already live (in the UK at least).

I’ll be very surprised if IndieVelo stays free for much longer. This will be an excellent chance for them to snap up some users.


Wow, that’s a big bump; 30% price increase. That’s 1 zwifter less. Like the platform, dislike the grab.


new price is live as you say and not a single word from Zwift, that really is poor communications from them, but its to be expected given what they are like for poor communications


If you were very quick you could i saw a couple people got the the annual plan at old prices but suspect with the leak of price increase coming zwift hit the switch asap.

Looks like another slap in the face from zwift. Too higher price increase without improvements being made that users want the end for zwift me thinks. I’ll be voting with my feet.


With Zwift currently feeling more like a public beta programme this price increase is more than I’m willing to pay.


Pretty steep for the relatively low quality, constant bugs, user-hostile design decisions, etc. I’ve got an annual membership good through December, I’ll have to think pretty hard about it when the time comes. An annual sub would be worth it if the poor development choices change but I’m not optimistic.


I can understand raising prices, but not allowing current members to at least buy an annual membership at the old pricing seems pretty messed up.


When my annual sub finishes in Dec looks like it’s back to Mywhoosh, Indievelo, Virtupro and luckily I have a lifetime premium sub to Kinomap which I bought years ago at a very good price of about £180 so that never runs out, sad because I love Zwift over the others but with the other options I have, the new price is just too much of an ask, even the new annual is too much when you consider the summer months of very little Zwifting.

Think Zwift has gone too far with this, if the monthly had gone to £14.99 / £150 annual I think most people would have been ok with that.


Yeah, you just lost a subscriber. Back to ROUVY