Higher prices at Zwift....

Just to summarise in English…

So seems from Zwift mail contact that now, and next year with the new price, we will be able to pay in dollars or our own currency. So at least the price raise can be the same for everyone = 50% if we chose to stay in dollars.

Zwift geeft mij keer op keer aan dat je mrt een Nederlands adres alleen in euro kunt betalen. Ze doen maar wat daar!


Zwift informs me that i can only pay in euro because my billing adtess is outside of the US. They are f%#@ing around!

Kan iemand mij dat mailtje van Zwift, dat je wel in dollars kan betalen ff doorsturen? Of in dit forum plakken?


Can anybody who received confirmation from Zwift that it is possible to pay in dollars, email me that message?


Op copy paste it here?



Just read about the price increase for new members and for old members for over a year.

 Just one question: Why it’s possible for me to now pay in dollar ? And how come i must pay in november 2018 in euro’s ?

 The increase wil be over 60 %…a little bit outrages.

 Still a happy member


Hi there,


You are able to switch to pay in your local currency if preferred. You’ll just need to cancel your current payment method, and rejoin via your dashboard on Zwift.com. More information about our Zwift Pricing can be found here.

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Thank you for reaching out!

Zwift didn’t directly offer the ability to pay in Euros previously - the only way to do so was through iTunes. When converting over, we wanted to have an equivalent price point for those users, so we stuck with the old 10.49 euro price set by Apple (a price that included VAT).

In other words, while Zwift is now offering the option to pay in other currencies, switching doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be beneficial to do so, depending on your circumstances. It may still be a better deal for you to pay in dollars.

This link has many of the questions and answers about our new pricing as well.

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Melissa P.




Thanks for the reply.


Your answer means that i can and will be paying in dollars, unlless i´m changing it to euro ? Even after november 2018 ?


Greetings Hans


Melissa Peper  (Zwift)

Nov 20, 03:00 PST


Yes thatis correct. You are the one who changes it over to eruo, if that is what you choose to do.If you want to stay with USD then you can.

Is there anything else I can assist you with?

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Melissa P.

bedankt voor het delen!

This is the response I got from zwift:

" Sorry for the confusion on this one. To clarify, you actually are still getting the original “legacy” pricing. However, when we made the price adjustment, we also added additional local currencies, including the Euro.

Zwift didn’t directly offer the ability to pay in Euros previously. The only way to do so was through iTunes. When converting over, we wanted to have an equivalent price point for those users, so we stuck with the old 10.49 euro price set by Apple (a price that included VAT).

I hope this information helps to clarify the matter. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Nick LaVeaux

Zwift Support"


So in fact they say…“Apple had to charge VAT, so we also charge VAT but pocket it ourself and hope that no one notice it.”


Exactly. Thanks to their ‘service’ letting us pay in euro’s, we get toch pay 20 % more. Thank you very much Zwift. Unaccepable and unfair.

New reaction from zwift:

"Nick LaVeaux_Groepsmoderator_ Hi guys, Yes, that was indeed my response and basically, this is how it works. When you start a subscription, it is somewhat locked in for a certain amount with a specific currency. Whatever was applicable at the time.

When the price adjustment occurred, we also added the ability to pay through other currencies. If you created your subscription prior to the price adjustment, then your payment would be unchanged… unless you cancel and come back, starting a new subscription. When you come back or start a NEW subscription, the system will automatically select the currency based on your region.

The price is based upon the billing address used by your credit or debit card for regions with supported currencies. The price you pay may not match the current exchange rate and may vary due to local currency or tax requirements. A VPN will not change that.

For those that are still paying in USD from before the change, they are able to keep paying in USD for now. This is what Melissa was saying. But you are not able to freely switch between the two.

I hope that clears things up for everyone here."


Still odd the VAT-amount is 0,00 euro :slight_smile:

And for me it’s stupid because zwift had problems with my account. I didn’t cancel my account but I just received a mail there was a problem so I sent zwift an email about this but they didn’t found the problem so I had to rejoin. Rejoin means pay more… Thanks Zwift!

Search Zwift, we know how IT works! You don’t have to explain the obvious. You treat tour customers unfair for your own benefit. Thanks again!

Hi Ramon, Do you have a link, I can’t find the topic…

Welke link? Heb een privé discussie met Zwift over dit onderwerp en voor de rest het verhaal in dit topic.

Ah ok Ramon,

I thought there was more info about this topic in the “we know how IT works”- topic as you said " Search Zwift, we know how IT works!"  :slight_smile:

After all the faults in the “game” the latest month it is really unacceptable to pay more. The reason also makes no sense… new people need to pay with euro. others don’t.

It is a big joke and customer support is not even replying to my questions anymore. And if they do it is ‘copy and paste’ answers. I read the exact same answers everywhere. Nothing to do i am affraid. They dictate and seem to think it is normal to treat us this way. Hopefully there will be alternatives in the near future.

My last reaction after Zwifts email explaining the same over and over again. Unfortunately nothing can be done by us customers.


You do not have to explain what Zwift did. Again. It is just unfair policy. Pretending it is a ‘service’ to let people pay in euro when it is just screwing us for EUR 2 extra a month.

Shameful abuse of monopoly.

But Zwift seems to think this is normal.

Nothing i can do anymore.

This will backfire on Zwift as soon as a proper competitor comes into play. People are not as stupid as Zwift thinks.

Very dissapointing.


$10-$12 ok.  At $15 now, no thank you.  Was great while it lasted!

No one can compare this to a fitness club, where they have a cleaning team, trainers and maintenance-personal to pay - for a relatively small set of customers.

You have to compare it to other video game software. Especially multiplayer racing-games, which too have to deal with lots of external hardware for input and feedback, and do overall a tremendously better job in terms of graphics, landscape, gamespeed and community feedback. Even recognizing the mmo-factor. it’s still ridiculously expensive.

But probably knowing that road bike-enthusiasts have probably more money to spend than the average gamer-kiddo, they are milking the cow.

I really hope that serious competition will pop up soon.