"Pay Per Ride" Option

I know this has been answered before and that it is not a plan to add pay per ride sessions, however, I think having a pay per ride option will bring riders who stop their subscription at summer time but hit some bad weather and can bring them back to Zwift for a few days.  Not enough to pay for a month but would like to get some miles in.  This way Zwift can keep generating revenue with riders who suspend their subscription.  

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Wouldn’t you save a months subscription in a couple of rides post ride coffee savings.  Ride in the garage = Coffee at home for me.

I agree, if there was a pay per ride price that was reasonable then it’s likely i’ll fire up Zwift during the summer on a day i can’t get out on the road. Might only be 2-3 times a month but at least that’s revenue for Zwift. Alternatively a yearly subscription would be good, obviously less than the 12 x £12.99 total, maybe £100 a year would be a good balance to encourage me to sign up for a year. I won’t sunscribe to Zwift for 4-5 months of the year on a monthly basis and suspect most people do this.

I’d definitely purchase 100 miles at a rate of $0.25-.30/mile and renew as needed. Smaller miles at a higher rate/more miles cheaper per mile.