More Subscriptions options required

Ive been doing Ironman Virtual Racing, so using Rouvy has been essentially inforced. So in the meantime ive cancelled my Zwift account.

Its now coming into summer so this is the second year in a row Ive subribed for just 2 months whilst the weathers been at its worst. I cant justify paying £15 for something id use 1 or 2 times a month anyway.

I love Zwift but its no replacement for outdoors.

So i wonder if.zwift should consider other options.

Reduced pricing during summer months for southern and then northern hemispheres. This would increase customer retention and likely increase overall revenue from increased subsriptions.

Increased options for family members. No household is going to pay £30, 45 or even 60 per month for multiple users. I suspect some will be using the same profile but it will skew results, weight, level etc.

Pay per use would also be another option that would rectify both subscriptions above. £1 per day capped at £15 a month. (Think London oyster card.) If this was an option most people would never need to cancel their subscription - i certainly wouldnt have and would keep you an extra user with a new revenue stream.