Subscriptions based on usage

Ive been using Zwift for a couple of years now and I love it BUT :confused: due to health I only average about 25K a week and was hoping that Zwift had plans to offer a tiered subscription system? Maybe a 3 tiered system where you have £4.99, £8.99 and full price depending on miles cycled.

Reluctantly Ive cancelled my Zwift this evening and gone over to MyWhoosh but for £4.99 I’d be back :wink:

Be good to get thoughts from others and to see if there are any other peeps in my situation.

you should try IndieVelo as well

Zwift has given no indication that it will ever be offering any other subscription choices than what is currently available, if anything… I would expect it to go up, not go down.

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Be careful Mike the mods like to shut down topics they don’t agree with. I’m sure they won’t like you suggesting a competitor……even if there is no contest in regards to value for money!

Thanks Mike, Ive not heard of that one so will give it a try :blush: