Lite version of Zwift

A suggestion for a new feature in Zwift:

Zwift app is amazing I couldn’t find any similar app that come close to Zwift. I just have a suggestion why don’t they create two types of subscription the current one and another lite version that allow the user to use Zwift without some features for example the academy or workouts. And make the lite version cheaper than 15$. 15$ in a country like ours (Egypt) is very expensive. I will subscribe to that lite version at once. I contacted the support and they said i should post this suggestion on the forums if it gets more community support the idea could got noticed by the dev team and they can implement it in the next release.

Please if you support this idea add a comment so it can be noticed.


Sure… let’s see: what’s the financial benefit for Zwift introducing this feature?

First, code needs to be written - this cost money. Then, consider how many Zwifters will switch to “Lite” version - this also means (loss of) money. Now, lets consider the increase in subscribers income utilizing this option.

Combining all of the above, it is net loss… why would Zwift take this path?

(sending you the “Community Support” path is a nice way of saying “No”; And notice how many other “requests” are pending - years after garnering substantial support.)


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I get your scepticism re this suggestion, but it might not be as clear cut.

Coding might not be over onerous, say if you only got access to Watopia and no group rides.

I understand that Zwift picked up a whole load of subscribers during lockdown. I’m guessing that a fair percentage of those will cancel once their personal world returns to something more ‘normal’. If there was a $8 - $10 option, would a chunk of those stay longer/forever to complement their gym memberships etc.

The market for a $8 - $10 subscription could be huge and growing given the global economic downturn. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are losing their jobs currently and will be making those difficult decisions about prioritising their expenditures.

Another group of subscribers are those who park their memberships during the summer months. If there was a cheaper option they might be more inclined to keep it running for those odd evenings where they want to do some exercise but don’t have time to go out?

So to assume that it would be a net loss is just that, a massive assumption. It could definitely be a net gain. But only those with access to the relevant data can model how it would look.

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Tiered pricing is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Take Strava as the case in point.

That said, I can see the value in a basic pricing model, at say $5 per month, which gets users on board with the goal that most upgrade to standard. This should be really basic though - e.g. you can freeride, but nothing else.

In terms of additional revenue streams, I don’t have an issue with micro-transactions for kit / helmets / bike components etc, if there were hundreds more options available. You could pay with drops, or shortcut and pay with real money. This would not be a pay to win model, would not reduce access to anything for current subscribers, but would keep those hungry investors happy.

Nothing that would be considered ‘core’ Zwift (worlds, workouts, group rides, events, races) should be an additional revenue opportunity, but they could charge extra for something like training analysis or access to an IRL coach. Things that you could choose to get outside of Zwift if you wished.

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The value proposition of such an option lies solely with Zwift.

btw, think Zwift memorabilia/collectable would have been a boom - if such ever existed. I, for one, would love to have various pins/T-shirts/hats/bottles related to Zwift events and achievements (level 50 pin, anyone? :slight_smile: )

I do seem to remember a pin/bottles for TDZ back then, but none since.

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To be honest the entire ‘feature request’ section of the forum should be closed down and removed considering how pointless it is. Basically an insult that people are told to use it.


In the top 30 requests in terms of number of votes in the feature request forum (some have over 1000 votes and have been there for years), 1 has been implemented. World Switching. And I would say that is semi-implemented.