Options for PAYG or limited use subscriptions

I’m mainly a runner but also occasionally cycle. I’d like to see a subscription option for PAYG or limited use or occasional use that makes sense for someone who only cycles once or twice a week for an hour at a time. Why why would I want to pay the same subscription price as a hardcore cyclist that might ride every day or for hundreds of miles a week? The lack of any choice means I don’t subscribe at all and currently use an alternative. If there are other people like me then it appears that you could be missing out a whole user base and additional revenue stream.

Missing a whole user base probably, but I suspect introducing a teared model would cannibalise their existing user base and reduce revenues. Plus introducing a barrier to use for those on the lower tear. What happens one week when they want to do a bit more they find they can’t. They’ll go to other platforms which is the last thing Zwift would want with the existing customer base.

In the same way Netflix, cable tv, youtube etc don’t other anyway but all or nothing so I don’t see zwift offering discounts any time soon.

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Hi Gordon,
I agree with some of what you say but the tiered model should allow you to go over your tier but at a premium price rather than simply stopping you going for longer. That way, if you do it regularly then you’re incentivised to pay the next tier rather than a premium each time you go over your limit.

I agree it could cannibalise some of the existing user base but then that shows their existing model isn’t optimal to capture the entire market and actually the number of new users should offset any drop from existing users.

I don’t think you can compare with Netflix as that is already a cheaper entry price and most people watch far more TV than they do cycle; plus Netflix does already provide different plans relevant to the platform i.e. family plans which Zwift also doesn’t offer either.

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