Summer subscription

I am receiving emails from Zwift, encouraging me to participate in events even though I have suspended my subscription for the Summer. Right now, I prefer to ride outdoors and would only use Zwift when the weather is bad. There must be a lot of riders in the same situation as me, so why not offer a drop-in subscription? For example, for four months of the year I could ride for $3/ride. My regular subscription fee is $18.99/month so if I ride more that six times in the month, I would just pay a regular monthly fee. I can’t imagine the cost of creating this would outweigh the revenue you would receive. Especially since Zwift is now getting nothing from members like me.

Not the first time similar schemes have been suggested, don’t forget you get 25KM free per month, when you haven’t got a subscription in place, personally if its raining I’ll just treat it as a rest day during the summer

I tend to think the reality would be that most have suspended their subscriptions, so the likelihood of people then paying $3 a ride is going to be low (so low that it wouldn’t make sense to develop and support it).

Is it $3 if I ride for 10 minutes. But $3 if I also ride 50km?

Seems more likely that any suspended user would use the free 25km for the minimal use they want to use Zwift.

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