Outdoor Season Discounts

Each summer I usually cancel/suspend my subscription. I would still like to ride Zwift on days where the weather isn’t conducive of riding outdoors, but those instances are so few that it’s not worth the monthly charge. What does the group think about Zwift offering a plan option that allows riders lo gain access to ride Zwift a limited number of times per month for a reduced rate? This way we can ride indoors and they don’t loose summer customers.

Zwift already allows you to ride 25km per month after you suspend your subscription, maybe they can increase it to 50km for the summer?

I had no idea we had an “milage/KM allowance” already. Interesting that they didn’t mention that when I emailed them my idea - seems a little shady to me, or perhaps they just don’t communicate across the company well.

i think the reason why they did not mention it is that 25km a month is only one quick ride and I doubt it will satisfy your need.

If you use Zwift once every week during the summer then it is about $3.75 per ride, most people spend more than that on the coffee after a ride outside.

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