Zwifting during subscription "holiday"

As I’ll be riding (and running) outdoors a lot more over what we laughingly call Summer, I’ve cancelled my Zwift subscription and it ends on 14th May. However, I’d like to keep current with software updates and to check they work with my setup so I don’t get any surprises later in the year when I renew. How much Zwifting can I do while unsubscribed, and does Zwift still function fully (Companion, media uploads, Garmin/Strava uploads etc).


25Km free per calendar month, you can complete the ride than takes you over 25Km, but iirc you stop earning XP; drops and achievement badges over the threshold.

So to make the 25Km last longer, ride up Ven Top, that’s uphill almost right from the off. :wink:


Excellent. I’m not so bothered by the XP etc for that period. As long as I can jump on monthly to check it out, that should be enough.