After 25km free, can I finish my event?

Just to pre-empt this, as I am aware posts of this nature often bring a barrage of angry Zwifters saying “Just pay”!! I’ve been a subscriber to Zwift for almost a year and fully intend to go back to being a fully paid up member in November, but right now I’m almost entirely outdoors training, and literally riding Zwift once a month, so £13 per use seems a little steep!

I want to get involved in one team event a month just to stay in touch. This is likely to be an organised race, and will definitely go over the 25km allowance (anywhere from 40km for team time trial, to 100km if I do a weekend meetup). So, will I be allowed to finish the race or meetup, or will Zwift kick me out after 25km?

Many thanks!