When you exceed the 25k trial during a ride

Hi all.
I am a newby on Zwift, just rode my first real ride a couple of days ago. I planned my second ride of appr. 35 km for this evening, but I am past my 7 days trial period and now have only the 25 km trial left.
What will happen with or during my ride when I go past the 25 km mark? Will I be able to end my ride as planned? Will the ride be cut short? Will the complete 35 km be recorded and send to Strava?
Thanks in advance for your help!
Kind regards, and ride on!

Last time I tried it will let you finish the ride and will record the full ride.

The ride certainly carries on - when I’m not signed up during the summer quite often I will plan a route that means I’m on a big downhill (e.g. Alpe, Epic KOM, Innsbruck) just as the 25km limit hits, that way I can let it freewheel and gain more distance and XP! Then I wait for the bike to come to a stop and hit the Menu/Quit/Save buttons as usual.

However I think you can still continue pedalling and it does continue to produce some watts, just at a massively reduced rate. I’m only guessing at this because one time I was on a flat-ish section as my trial period ended and I thought I’d just carry on spinning the pedals as a warm-down but assuming it wouldn’t count. However while doing this I noticed that my speed wasn’t dropping anywhere near as quickly as I was expecting - I wasn’t able to increase my speed, but certainly it wasn’t like putting the brakes on either.

Well, I did my ride and exceeded the 25km limit. Zwift came up with quite a big pop-up asking me if I wanted to pay now or later. I selected later and was able to continue my ride like before, with all the functionality ofcourse.
So for those who face the same uncertainty, don’t let it stop you, you can finish the ride no matter how long. The upload to Strava also worked without issues.